Marketing Opportunities

Buyer's Lounge Sponsorship

The Buyer's Lounge is a business room for our buyers. Sponsors may distribute brochures & catalogs and have the opportunity to showcase product in the Buyer's Lounge on floors 13 or 6. Contact Greg Joselove or call (214) 760-2890.

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Directory / Website

Directory Guide - Lines from each exhibitor's listing will be displayed in the printed directory each market. Next deadline to get your lines in the printed directory is November 18, 2019 for January Total Home & Gift and Apparel & Accessories Markets. For more information, Contact Helen Smith or call (214) 655-6230.

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Website - The Dallas Market Center website serves as an online directory for exhibitors to promote their product lines and provide company information. Please be sure to update your listing and upload product images.

Mobile App - Exhibitor listings and categories are also listed on the DMC mobile app and can be searched by name or category.

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Professionally designed displays highlight specific niche categories of merchandise and identify trends for retailers during markets. Notify your suppliers of the deadline dates to receive samples before the check-in dates on each form. Also note the check-out date listed so that someone from your showroom will be available to retrieve samples. Contact Marquisha Berry or 214-655-7659.

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  • Displays - Apparel & Accessories Market - Deadline 10 days prior to Market. Download the form.
  • Displays - Total Home & Gift Market - Deadline 10 days prior to Market. Download the form. 

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Fashion Shows

The Kim Dawson Runway Cafe - An eatery with a fashion runway on the 14th floor, offers great exposure through informal modeling during peak lunch hours during Apparel & Accessories markets. Contact Marquisha Berry  or call 214-655-7659.

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Kim Dawson Runway Cafe Show - Apparel & Accessories Markets - Deadline 5 days prior to Market. The show for October will not take place in lieu of a Mannequin Fashion Gallery showcasing showrooms that have relocated from the 14th floor. The KD Runway Show will return for January 2020!

Guest Designer for the Trend Show - The Trend Show is one of the major events during the Apparel & Accessories Markets. A Guest Designer feature during the Trend Show is a sponsorship opportunity that offers great awareness for your brand. Held in the 1st floor atrium of the World Trade Center, this event draws hundreds of buyers who are sourcing product. The show is professionally produced and uses models from top Dallas agencies. Contact Guillermo Tragant or 214-757-7821.

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Submitting Images & Social Media

Submit Photos & New Lines for Marketing - Provide product photos and information on lines new to DMC for consideration of use on social media and other marketing promotions. Submit photos NOW for more chances to be included in upcoming promotions.

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Image Requirements:

  • Professional product, campaign, or lifestyle images. No smartphone pictures.
  • At least 300 dpi (the higher the resolution, the better).
  • No brand logos or artwork. If your image is selected, your line and showroom will be credited.
  • All color photos. No black & whites.

To be considered, send images meeting above requirements to:


Social Media Opportunities - Jump in and extend your marketing through social media across all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more) by using #dallasmarket when you follow or like our pages. It's free and a great way to reach a new audience. Post pictures to garner more attention!

Public Relations Support - Don't miss this opportunity to educate the trade media by submitting your press kit to our Buyers Lounge (6th floor for Total Home & Gift Markets; 13th floor for Apparel & Accessories Markets). For Total Home & Gift Markets, contact Madison Albee. For Lightovation, contact Leigha Lupo. For Apparel & Accessories, KidsWorld, The One, Men’s Show, and Western Markets, contact Tammy Williams.

Additional PR Opportunities

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Retailer Info

List of Buyers/Stores - Target your direct mail and/or telemarketing campaign to the right store before market. For a nominal fee you may purchase a list of registered buyers which can be tailored to a specific product category or region of the country. Contact Helen Smith or call (214) 655 - 6230.

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Mailing List Order Form – All Markets

Download Forms

Badge Scanner - Do you want state-of-the-art badge scanning technology for market? Dallas Market Center and Gateway Events brings you lead retrieval capabilities within your showroom.

Forms for our upcoming markets

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Retail Referral - Name the Top 5 Retailers you want to see in Dallas or integrate your sales list with ours. You’ll stretch your marketing dollars by incorporating your buyer list into Dallas Market Center’s. Your buyers will receive direct mails and emails from Dallas Market Center encouraging them to attend the next market.

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Show Specials & Appearances

Do you have a market special, event or expecting any of your designers/authors/celebrities? Let everyone know. This complimentary promotional listing of showroom/booth market specials and appearances is included in each printed Directory. See an example of the specials and appearances listings and then be sure to fill out the forms below. Contact Helen Smith or call (214) 655-6230 with any questions.

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Appearances - JANUARY 2020 - Deadline November 18, 2019. Download Form. 

Show Specials - JANUARY 2020 - Deadline November 18, 2019. Download Form. 

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Valet Coupons

Treat your customers to valet parking! Mail early to customers or hand out during market. Contact Allison Vaughn or call (214)-655-6413.

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Valet Coupon Form (not available during the January & June Total Home & Gift Markets)

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Free Zone

You can provide handouts to buyers in the “Free Zone”during the January and June Total Home & Gift Markets. This area is the only designated promotion point for handouts and flyers (other than inside your booth/showroom). The “Free Zone” is located between Market Hall and the Trade Mart West entrance.

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